Chicken Feet Treats For Dogs, Collagen Rich, 10 Pack

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Presenting Patty's Pet Foods premium grade dehydrated chicken feet for dogs. This package comes with 10 perfectly dehydrated and sealed chicken feet to give your fur babies a tasty treat they can't resist.

Each of our chicken feet treats undergoes a special dehydrating process that preserves the goodness of natural nutrients. The result? Crunchy, delicious, and protein-packed treats that serve both as a reward and a nutrient supplement for your beloved pets.

Here are a few key features of our dehydrated chicken feet:

• High in Protein - Essential for your dog’s growth, overall development, and maintaining energy levels.

• Rich in Glucosamine and Chondroitin - Promotes joint health and mobility. Excellent for aging dogs or those with joint-related issues.

• Natural Teeth Cleaner - Chewing these chicken feet helps to scrape off the plaque on your dog's teeth, supporting good oral hygiene.

• Grain-Free - Ideal for pets with specific grain allergies or sensitivities. No fillers, just pure meaty delight.

• No Artificial Additives - We care about your dog's health. Our dehydrated chicken feet contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

To guarantee safety and quality, all Patty's Pet Foods are locally sourced and produced in a safe, clean, and licensed facility.

Delight your dog today with these tasty and healthy dehydrated chicken feet. Perfect for small to large dogs and suitable for puppies under supervision. As with any pet product, always supervise your pet while eating.

Bring Patty's Pet Foods' quality into your home today - because every pet deserves the very best!

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Excellent treat for dogs. Seller sent some nice gift with order. Thank you

My pups absolutely love Patty's chicken feet and sadly, they are finicky about their treats! I've purchased chicken feet from other sellers, but my pups love the ones that come from Patty's. Moreover, they take the time to remove the nails from the feet, which is helpful by reason I've had to cut the nails from the feet from other sellers before giving them to my pups. In addition, they have superior customer service, fluid communication and fast shipping. If you value healthy, natural snacks for your fur babies, I HIGHLY recommend this shop. Thank you for your excellence!

Always amazing! My pups really enjoy these treats. Great customer service and fast shipping. Highly recommend this wonderful shop for healthy treats for your fur babies!

My pups love these! So much so, my Shepherd brought the package into the house and tore it open. Thank you so much for what I presume (based on my pups), delicious treats! In addition, thank you for the extra gift(s) you graciously surprised us with, and more importantly, your excellent customer service and fluid communication. We will most definitely be returning for more sooner than you think!

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