2-Pack Dehydrated Jumbo Pig Ears Dog Dental Chews

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Experience superior quality with our 2-Pack Dehydrated Jumbo Pig Ears, all-natural, available on Patty's Pet Foods. An excellent addition to your pet's diet, these 100% organic and dehydrated pig ears serve as a delightful treat your furry friend will not resist.

Loaded with proteins and healthy fats, they are sure to maintain your pet’s good health and nutrition while aiding in their dental care by reducing tartar build-up. Hand-crafted with love and care, our jumbo pig ears are grain-free, gluten-free, and free of artificial preservatives and additives. Suitable for dogs of all ages, our 2-pack pig ears come in a sealed package, ensuring a longer shelf-life.

Provide your furry friends the nutritious snack they crave, only at Patty's Pet Foods. Remember, happy pets mean happy owners! Order now and let your pets indulge in a wholesome and yummy treat.

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Ingredients: Pig Ear, Pork

*In case your dog has any allergies, please review the ingredients of these treats before you order.

** Since this is a natural chew, please supervise your dog while they are enjoying this delicious treat. Safety is a priority; however, we assume no liability once you purchase our product.

Shipping: Please allow 1 to 2 days for processing your order. We cannot guarantee delivery dates, but once your order is processed then dropped off at the post office, you will receive a shipping update.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your support!

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Always amazing! My pups really enjoy these treats. Great customer service and fast shipping. Highly recommend this wonderful shop for healthy treats for your fur babies!

My pups love these! So much so, my Shepherd brought the package into the house and tore it open. Thank you so much for what I presume (based on my pups), delicious treats! In addition, thank you for the extra gift(s) you graciously surprised us with, and more importantly, your excellent customer service and fluid communication. We will most definitely be returning for more sooner than you think!

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